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Title Project Manager | Project Administration

Jeff and Julie Conard, Title Project Manager, — 330-221-3184, Project Administration, — 330-221-1970

Title Project Manager
Project Administration

Jeff was first introduced to the oil and gas industry in 1974/75 working at Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline Company, at their compressor station outside of Big Rapids, MI.

Jeff’s move to oil and gas leasing and title began in 1978 in the Rocky Mountains, covering Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North & South Dakota, Tennessee & Oklahoma. He did the leasing, title, well curative, pipeline ROW and eventually moved to CREW CHIEF for many of the companies he worked with.

Jeff moved to Ohio in 1999 and has been working the Marcellus play for the last 14 years as Crew Chief/Title Analyst for the Land Department of Premiere Land Services covering Pennsylvania & Ohio.

I have my own personal TOP TEN LANDMEN that I have encountered in my career. Jeff is in the top three (3) of all time Landmen, bar none. He can do it all. He has experience all over the country and having him be our Title Project Manager for over 14 years has had a great deal to do with the success of PLS!

Jeff’s wife, Julie, came on board five (5) years ago and she helps anchor all facets of lease prep, reporting and project administration for Jeff and in turn, for PLS.

We are very grateful for the work Jeff and Julie provide for PLS and our valued clients!


Business Development Coordinator

Andy Valdmanis, Business Development Coordinator, — 231-590-4424

Business Development Coordinator

Premiere Land Services is pleased to announce that Andy Valdmanis will be serving as our Business Development Coordinator. Andy has served PLS for over 5 (five) years as an acquisition agent, supervisor and “Mr. Fix-it”…!

We came to the conclusion that the time is right for Andy to take on a very important role for PLS; that being the ability to help cultivate new horizons along with being hands on when we determine who we want to represent PLS for our clients. This is a perfect role for Andy and a much-needed fit for our business going forward!

Paramount to any successful energy-related project is our ability to communicate with our Clients, Landowners, the communities we operate within and to adjust to the fluid nature of our business. Andy has been that person for Premiere Land Services. From Oil and Gas, to Pipeline to Wind and Solar, Andy has been on the front lines for all endeavors.

Andy’s additional experience in real estate development, construction sales and design, project management and business development has been a wonderful foundation for his transition into the energy game.

We are very excited to see how our business grows and develops now that Andy is wrapping his arms around business development. The ability to constantly find new and exciting projects to work on and great companies to work with is going to take PLS to a new level!


Lead Administrative Assistant

Christine Marshall, Lead Administrative Assistant, — 231-645-0923

Lead Administrative Assistant

Premiere Land has been looking for someone like Christine Marshall for many years! Christine started out with us on a part time basis. Over time, we have come to learn just how valuable she is for PLS!

Christine is Peggy’s “Chief Administrative Assistant”. Peggy has finally found the right person to help with what is a critical part of our business, that being:


This is so important! Our clients depend on Peggy and her staff, lead by Christine, to manage our team so that costs are kept in check at all times!

I know that Peggy and I feel very fortunate to have Christine on our team!
We know our clients do as well!


Administrative Group

Terri Cunningham, Administrative Group, 231-632-1584

Administrative Group

Terri Cunningham has found her niche with PLS after performing many different tasks on projects for us.

Terri started as an administrative assistant and then moved out into the field as an abstractor for PLS. We moved Terri back home to her beloved Traverse City to be on Peggy’s team serving as Christine Marshall’s assistant.

This has proven to be the formula for success for all of us!

Terri and Christine are preparing to move into our new offices in Traverse City. Peggy has done a fantastic job of creating a work space environment that will be fun and productive to work in!

We have a long and warm relationship with Terri. She works every day with our field agents who appreciate her friendly manner and way of doing business.

Terri is a vital link in the chain of administrative work that always needs to be done in the land business.

We are glad she’s found her home with us in Traverse City!

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